Our Story

Three Car Garage is a guitar driven rock band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
The band consists of 3 core members:

Eric Storer - Drums & backing vocals
Bill Weigand - Bass & backing vocals
Tom Lagi - Guitar & lead vocals

Three Car Garage was founded by Tom Lagi in the mid '90s. There were a few personel changes early on, the first of which brought drummer Eric Storer into the mix. Then the final change was bringing in bassist Bill Weigand. Both Eric & Bill had previously worked with Lagi so they were very familiar with each others playing. This final change took place in the summer of 1998 and it completed the lineup as it currently stands.

From 1998 to 2002 the band played many clubs and concerts as well as warming up headliner acts such as Kansas, Steppenwolf, Everclear, Pat Benetar, and many more, all leading up to the 2002 release of their first CD. A self titled, 10 song rocker. Later on in 2002 bassist Bill Weigand decided to move on from the band. Three Car continued along with a couple different replacement bassists until 2004 when the band took an indefinite hiatus . It wasn't long afterwards that phase 2 started and Three Car reformed with the main lineup of Tom, Bill & Eric. With a shot in the arm from the freshness of a break, the band once again got busy playing the clubs & concert stages all over the tri-state region. This continued until late 2008 when they guys got burned out and decide to take another break from the band. At this point it looked like Three Car Garage had probably ran its course. Bill & Eric formed or joined other bands and Tom continued with a solo acoustic career. Then in 2010, Tom and Bill regrouped and formed a band called "Off The Record" along with Daniel Lagi on drums. OTR played the club scene for a little over a year until Daniel's schedule was getting in his way and caused him to have to move on. But the clouds aligned and as fate would have it, Eric was available to come back. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! So from that point on there was no other choice but to call it Three Car Garage again! 
With a full schedule (as full as a band with daytime careers and families can handle) and writing and performing some new songs, the guys are getting excited and talking about releasing another album in the near future and doing some video work too.

So don't be a stranger! Check in often and come out to a show!